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About Rowana

Rowana Rowan C.AP.AMT, ITEC

Rowana began working in the healing field in 1987, as a voluntary Rape Crisis Counsellor.   She continued to train as a counsellor, and then later as a reflexologist, qualifying in 1997, after being greatly helped herself by reflexology and counselling to overcome a significant trauma she had sustained in her own life.   She built up a reflexology practice in London and Sussex, and continued to use her counselling skills, specialising in helping people to heal from past trauma.

In 2002, Rowana discovered EFT, which has profoundly impacted her work.  She trained and qualified as a practitioner, then as an advanced practitioner, and then as a trainer for other practitioners, accredited by the AMT (Association for Meridian Energy Therapies).

EFT has changed what is possible in the field of psychotherapy, and can greatly enhance any psychotherapeutic work.   EFT can completely remove the imprint of trauma from the body’s energy system, thus freeing the person from its negative effects. Using EFT people are able to release traumatic events, difficult emotions, phobias and even physical illness, completely and relatively painlessly.  EFT has a proven track record of success in the treatment of PTSD, phobias, recovery from childhood trauma and abuse, anxiety and panic attacks, allergies and many other conditions.

Rowana’s personal and professional experience, combined with her natural warmth and sense of humour, make her a gifted and intuitive facilitator to healing.

Rowana offers a free initial 20 minute consultation, in person or by phone.